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Rakontu screenshots

These screenshots show you what Rakontu looks like for a Rakontu 1.0 manager. For other screenshots see these pages:

Managing the Rakontu's appearance
Here the manager is setting up the texts people see when they visit the Rakontu.
Here the manager is picking a predefined skin for the Rakontu. (They can also set custom kind parameters, or even use an external style sheet to change the appearance entirely.)
Here's what it looks like after the manager changes the skin.

Managing the Rakontu's members and settings
Here the manager adds new members, changes permissions, and inactivates members. Note that managers can ban members from helping roles if necessary.
Here the manager is setting the nudge categories for the Rakontu, or what the ratings mean.
Here they customize what activities add to the accumulation of nudge points people can use to nudge stories and other entries. Some Rakontus will want to feature one activity more than another.
Similarly, the manager can customize what makes an item larger or smaller in the timeline for their group.

Managing the Rakontu's characters
Here is the manager changing a character.
And answering questions about the character, which can be searched on.

Managing the Rakontu's questions
Here the manager is reviewing all the questions, and looking at how many have been answered in each category. If some have not been answered, they might improve the wording of the question.
Here are the questions about stories. They can change the order, inactivate questions, and change each one.
Here is the manager changing an individual question.
The manager can import a spreadsheet file of questions they got from a discussion forum or from another Rakontu's manager.
The manager can copy from sample questions, which are configurable at the Rakontu site level.

For more screenshots see the pages about members helping roles, and administering.