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May 2012: Out of date claims fixed

I took the thing off the web site that said Rakontu was in active development! That's progress, of a sort. Actually, we only worked on Rakontu last year for a few months before the lack of money made us stop doing that and start trying to get money. Now we have work and no time to do Rakontu. Still, the idea is out there, which was the point in the first place.

July 2011: Elevator pitch

I put together a brief presentation on Rakontu for a teleconference I'm giving at the Worldwide Story Work Ning group on July 13. I've added it to rakontu.org as well. Take a look!

April 2011: It's awake!!

After a long snooze Rakontu has awakened and we are actively working on it again. We have a new architecture document and a new visual design document for you to look at. Please send feedback and suggestions and offers of help. We are working on a new implementation and expect to have more good things to show you sometime in the summer and/or fall of 2011.

June 2010: Rakontu beta test phase ends

We had five Rakontu beta test groups, though only one saw much activity. Still, the testing period was a great success in terms of lessons learned. I've written a white paper about what I've learned; it's on the theory page.

At this time, Rakontu development has gone into hiatus and I am no longer creating or supporting beta sites. The Rakontu sandbox is also inactive. If you are interested in Rakontu, send me a note and I can show it to you. However, the Rakontu tour and screenshots are still available, and they can give you a pretty good idea of what Rakontu is like.

October 4, 2009: Rakontu enters beta test phase

Groups are starting to use Rakontu in beta testing. There is room for a few more groups. Contact cfkurtz at cfkurtz.com if you want your group to be a beta test group. These groups will get careful attention and help, but must agree to give voluble feedback and bug reports!

October 25, 2009: Rakontu Sandbox ready to play in

There is now a live Rakontu people can try at the Rakontu Sandbox. Come and try it!

(NOTE: As of June 2010 the sandbox is no longer active.)