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Rakontu screenshots

These screenshots show you what Rakontu 1.0 looks like for a Rakontu administrator. For other screenshots see these pages:

What a Rakontu administrator sees
These are the site initialization tasks an administrator must do.
Here is where the administrator can review activity in the Rakontus on the site. An administrator can enter and leave any Rakontu on the site in order to help people with problems and fix things.
Here the administrator is creating a new Rakontu.
And here are the configuration files the administrator needs to pay attention to. The files in the "english" directory are those that must be copied and edited to create a new language version of Rakontu. The files site_configuration.py and language_config.py contain all of the easily changeable options in Rakontu (that is, without changing the main body of the source code).

For more screenshots see the pages about members, helping roles, and managing.