Helping people take good care of their stories.

Rakontu screenshots

These screenshots show you what Rakontu 1.0 looks like for someone taking on a volunteer helping role in the Rakontu. For other screenshots see these pages:

Choosing helping roles
Becoming a curator, guide or liaison is as simple as checking a box.

Being a curator
Here the curator is reviewing flags on items marked as inappropriate or not useful.
Here the curator is surveying gaps in the data set such as entries with no tags, links, comments or answers to questions.
Here the curator is looking over all the attachments to entries, to see if any should be removed or changed.
Here the curator is reviewing and cleaning up all tags. (This can be turned off for non-manager curators, if it might be a problem.)

Being a guide
Guides create resources to help people or to help them remember things they want to tell stories about. Here the guide is reviewing resources. The first is an article about mistakes and attribution, which people might tell stories in response to.
Guides also answer questions (through email messages) and are listed on the help page.
Here the guide is looking over invitations to see which have resulted in stories.
Here the guide is reviewing requests (things people want other people to about entries, such as translate, transcribe, comment on, tag, etc) to see if they should help.

Being a liaison
Here is the liaison looking over the off-line members of the Rakontu. They can switch who is responsible for off-line members here.
Here the liaison is entering some stories for the off-line members they are responsible for.
Here the liaison has printed an entry they entered for an off-line member, with annotations they can read to the member.

For more screenshots see the pages about members, managing, and administering.