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How to Install Rakontu 1.0

Rakontu runs on the Google App Engine, a web framework. You should read at least a few of the introductory articles on the GAE so you know a bit about what Rakontu is doing. In particular, the Getting Started Guide for Python is useful.

To install Rakontu:

  1. Create a Google App Engine account.
  2. Download and install Python 2.5, if you don't have it already.
  3. Download and install the App Engine SDK.
  4. Go to the Rakontu GitHub site and check out the Python source code from the Subversion repository there.
  5. In the Rakontu files you have downloaded, find the file called app.yaml (at the top level). Change the name after application to your Google App Engine application name.
  6. In the config directory, find the file site_configuration.py. In that file, change the value of SITE_SUPPORT_EMAIL to the Google-account-related email you are using as the site administrator.
  7. Upload your slightly-modified Rakontu code to your GAE app, using the instructions on the Uploading Your Application page at Google App Engine. Use the Administrator Console to see how your app is working. The "Versions" link there will show the URL of your running app.
  8. Once your Rakontu site is up and running, click on Site administration and follow the instructions there to complete some site initialization tasks that should be done before any Rakontus are created. (It's just clicking on a few links.)
  9. From your Rakontu admin screen, click Create a Rakontu and follow the instructions there to create your first Rakontu.

More information

This is the short version of the installation instructions. To see the longer version, go to the Rakontu GitHub repository, navigate to Rakontu/config, and look at the file Rakontu Site Administration.html.